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The entertainment industry changes rapidly, following many of the same patterns as the technology industry. Today, entertainment and technology are at times, one and the same, opening more opportunities than ever for artists and entertainers to expose and license their artistic and intellectual property.

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Joe Adams practices in the forefront of entertainment law and is frequently asked to speak on the latest industry trends, including merchandising and licensing, immigration and global mobility, and the online video world.

Joe Adams and Associates recognizes the global entertainment industry's need for professional mobility among worldwide production, development and live performance venues. We offer the legal services you need to make that happen. Call us at 800-448-5383 for a consultation.

We successfully represented Mexican actor, Jeronimo Medina, and multinational actor Jonathan Tybel on contract and immigration matters. We also represented a well-known painter who licensed his work to a high-end clothing company.

Each year, we sponsor a conference on entertainment industry trends, legal developments and immigration options for working in the United States. Our Annual U.S. Entertainment Immigration Seminar in summer is attended by top figures in all entertainment industries and often sold out weeks in advance.

We Cover The Full Spectrum Of Legal Services That Today's Artists Need

Located in Los Angeles, the attorneys at Joe Adams and Associates provide a full range of legal services to artists and entertainers. We are able to represent actors, directors, producers and other professionals in all areas of entertainment law, including:

  • Merchandising and licensing campaigns, negotiating ownership agreements, and brand management of artistic, literary and web content for use on big and small screens
  • Negotiating talent services agreements and contracts covering percentages and royalties, back-end deals, and publicity responsibilities
  • Production financing agreements and co-production agreements to confirm the rights, obligations and contingency clauses among multiple financiers, talent and production
  • Distribution agreements of content in television, big screen, digital and mobile platforms
  • Location agreements for use of site-specific, physical property during production, such as a hotel or private home, negotiating with property owners on liability and inconvenience, and with appropriate authorities on municipal and zoning issues
  • Contract and other civil litigation
  • Entertainment immigration petitions

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