Representing Entertainers And Artists Needing Visas

Entering the United States has become increasingly difficult. Without properly prepared documentation, you may not be allowed to enter, even if you already have a visa in your passport. You may be forced to spend hours being interrogated by the border patrol and immigration officers at the airport. A visa does not guarantee that you will be allowed into the U.S.

The law firm of Joe Adams and Associates has years of success filing immigration applications for artists, entertainers, their support staff and family members. You can greatly improve your chance of being allowed to enter the U.S. by hiring an immigration lawyer who is experienced in U.S. immigration law.

Do You Have A Performance Or Exhibit Scheduled In The United States?

If you have a performing engagement in the United States, you will need to file the appropriate immigration documents with USCIS well in advance of the performance date. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) processing time can range from a few weeks to several months.

As soon as you know the details of your performing engagement, you should contact us to begin the temporary employment visa application process.

Generally, you will have a few options for entering the U.S. to work in the entertainment and artistic industries. Depending upon the job you will be doing, the length of time you need to be in the U.S. and other factors, you may be eligible for one of the following visa categories:

  • O-1 visa for artists, entertainers and athletes having extraordinary ability or achievement
  • P-1 visa for performing groups, athletes and circus groups
  • EB-1 immigrant visa for people who meet the "extraordinary ability" standard

We Can Prepare Your Visa Application

Immigration law is extremely complex and even a small mistake in the application or when entering or exiting the U.S. can have lifetime effects on current and future applications.

The law firm of Joe Adams and Associates has successfully prepared hundreds of approved visa petitions for entertainers and artists. Contact attorney Joe Adams by email or call us at 800-448-5383 for a consultation about applying for a U.S. entertainment and artist visa. We have an office in Los Angeles, California.