Learn More About EB-1 Visas And How Our Attorney Can Help

One of the most elusive – and exclusive – U.S. visa categories, is the EB-1 immigrant visa (also known as a "green card"). This visa category is limited to individuals of extraordinary ability and who can prove it. An approved EB-1 immigrant visa application presents a coveted prize to the best and the brightest in their fields — a "green card."

If you are an extraordinary artist or entertainer, you may be able to obtain your green card, which is evidence of legal permanent resident status in the United States, through the EB-1 visa application process. Attorney Joe Adams has successfully filed more than one hundred EB-1 applications for his clients.

EB-1 Provides Incredible Benefits

  • If you qualify to apply under this category, you can skip the burdensome uncertainty of the U.S. Department of Labor's "labor certification" process, required in almost every other employment-based visa category
  • You do not need an employer to petition for you if you are an artist or musician
  • You can petition for a green card for yourself, even if you are not employed
  • Your spouse and children will also receive a green card at the same time your application is approved
  • EB-1 visa limits are rarely reached each year

Proving your extraordinary ability requires an enormous amount of credible and verified documentation. It is an intensely collaborative process among you, your referees and our office.

We Understand The Highly Complex Application Process

We will evaluate your experience and credentials to determine which documents and evidence will best support your application. If you have previously been approved in the O-1B visa category, we may be able to supplement the O-1B documentation you submitted to reach the slightly higher EB-1 threshold.

In order to properly file an application in any of the elite, temporary or permanent visa categories, it is essential that you work with an experienced immigration lawyer. We understand the level of detail that the U.S. government requires and the complex maze of laws and regulations that govern the approval process. EB-1 is a highly specialized visa category that receives the highest level of scrutiny at USCIS.

You Need A Skilled And Successful Los Angeles EB-1 Visa Lawyer

Our experienced immigration attorney, Joe Adams, will be able to determine if you are qualified to apply for this visa. Because filing is a complex, expensive and labor-intensive process, we want you to know upfront if you can meet the standard.

Please call us at 800-448-5383 or contact us by email to arrange a consultation on the EB-1 visa application process. We can meet with you in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.