Skilled And Knowledgeable Litigation Services

If you are faced with a lawsuit or need to file a lawsuit against another person or company, you will need to hire an experienced trial attorney to litigate your case.

Attorney Joe Adams is an experienced and talented litigator who has successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of cases. Please contact Joe Adams and Associates for a consultation about your case by calling 800-448-5383.

For a representative sample of the results he has obtained at trial, please review our Verdicts And Settlements page. Mr. Adams handles the following types of civil litigation matters:

  • Business and commercial matters, including contract disputes
  • Labor and employment
  • Intellectual property
  • Real estate
  • Lender liability

Will Filing A Lawsuit Resolve My Situation?

Generally, by the time the two parties to a dispute get to the point of hiring lawyers, they have tried almost everything else to solve their issue — or, at least one of them has. Knowing the time and expense involved with litigating a case and going to trial, it is usually the last-resort method of solving problems.

Depending upon the kind of case you have and which court you will file in, the cost and length of time to resolve it will vary. A case in federal court will usually be much more expensive and take longer than a case filed in state court. For these reasons, we prefer to file in state court whenever possible.

In order to commence a lawsuit, the plaintiff hires a lawyer to draft a "complaint." In simplified terms, the complaint is the document that lists the issues that are not resolved and the legal basis for asking the court to resolve them. It also states what the plaintiff would like the judge to award him or her after hearing all of the evidence presented at trial.

There are many steps that happen in between starting a lawsuit by filing the complaint and the verdict at the end of the trial. The possibility of negotiating a settlement at any time during the litigation process usually increases as each party discovers how bad or good his or her case really is and whether he or she can prove or disprove what the other is saying or doing.

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Being prepared as early as possible in the course of the lawsuit can help settle a case, avoiding the additional expense and time of drawn-out litigation. Successful litigators are confident, diligent and several steps ahead of their opponents. You can expect the same of Joe Adams and Associates. Call us to discuss your litigation matter at 800-448-5383. You may also contact us online.