"I have had Joe as my lawyer now for the past 4 years. He has helped me attain my o1 visa when I first moved out to America and just this year he got me my Green Card. Always very calm and very easy to work with he took the time to take me through each step of each process and kept my worried mind at ease. He never had a doubt in his mind and was always incredibly thorough with all the paper work. I will 100% be keeping Joe as my lawyer for the future and I would recommend him to all my closest. ."

— A British actor


"Joe and his team were upfront and helpful from the get go. From the minute I signed the retainer to the date of filing my case, it was all under 3 months. It would've been 6 weeks, but I was held up waiting for a few reference letters which was beyond our control. We had a firm deadline for my submission date and overall, he communicates quickly, is very attentive and will not promise anything he can't do for the sake of having a client. Highly recommend!"

— A canadian singer/songwriter


"Joe was recommended to me by a friend who's first visa application by a different lawyer was rejected. Then she hired Joe and her visa was approved. I was lucky enough to go straight to Joe, and the result was unfaltering - an approved O1 visa! I felt confident in Joe from our initial consultation. He went through all the requirements in a very detailed, yet easy to understand manner. And he delivered on everything he promised to do. I worked as a lawyer myself, and I was very impressed with his attention to detail and the completeness and comprehensiveness of my petition submitted to USCIS. It was very impressive and resulted in the approval of my visa request. I now hold an O1 visa, thanks to Joe's work!."

— A Russian Actor